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  1. The Magic Circle

By Charmaine Chan


The Magic Circle tells the story of what happens when Charmaine Chan’s sister Elaine is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. As the illness progresses, family members living on different continents gather together during Elaine’s last days. Striving to distract Elaine from the worst effects of the cancer, Charmaine takes to the pen: conjuring up the vanished world of their childhood in Singapore, and discovering a way to keep her promise to Elaine’s six-year-old daughter.

A contemplation on grief and loss, nostalgia and yearning, The Magic Circle is for anyone who’s been torn apart and put back again by the inexplicable power of memory.

  1. Rebound: LaoLao’s Guide to Giving Up

By Jayden Lim (aka Lao Lao)


What does giving up mean to you?

In February 2010, LaoLao, then a player for the Singapore Slingers and National Team, had a near-fatal accident while he was training. He sustained a major head injury that put him out of commission from basketball. Though he survived, LaoLao lived with a hole in his head for four months before he underwent a second operation that replaced part of his skull with plastic. Despite the intense mental and physical strain, LaoLao could not turn his back on his ultimate goal as a sportsman. In October 2010, he returned to basketball, fought his way back to earn a spot on the Men's Team, and represented Team Singapore one last time at the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia.

Now, LaoLao wants to share his story with the younger generation and motivate them to find their passion in life. Rebound: LaoLao's Guide to Giving Up is a light-hearted, personal retelling of LaoLao's life that will charm readers both young and old. It follows him from his early days as a struggling student and through his memorable basketball career, where he became one of the first Singaporeans to join the Singapore Slingers, the nation's first professional basketball team.

  1. A Crackle of Flames, A Circle of Rainbow

By Mohamed Latiff Mohamed


Mohamed Latiff Mohamed’s poems are not written to be pretty: there is blood, pus, rape, slime, and death. How else can they be, if they are songs for the destitute, hums of the hungry, and tears of the wretched who have lost everything? And who else are they for, but the New Malays, who are cursed to inherit what has been lost. These are the heroes whose stories have faded, who may yet rise again under tomorrow’s moon.

This book brings together two collections of poems, published originally in Malay as Segumpal Api Selingkar Pelangi (A Crackle of Flames, A Circle of Rainbow) and Bila Rama-Rama Patah Sayapnya (When a Butterfly Broke its Wing), and translated into English respectively by Zakaria Ali and Muhammad Herwanto Johari.

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