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Listen Up or Lose Out: How to Avoid Miscommunication, Improve Relationships, and Get More Done Faster
By Robert Bolton, Dorothy Grover Bolton


Listening might seem like the easiest thing in the world to do…

But most people retain only a fraction of what they hear, resulting in miscommunications and lost opportunities.

Listen Up or Lose Out pulls this underused tool out from the shadows and highlights its role in effective communications. Step by step, the book breaks down listening into a set of learnable skills, explaining how to:

  • Avoid the urge to criticize, question, or advise
  • Focus on the speaker’s point of view
  • Ask the right questions, in the right order
  • Restate the speaker’s key points and keep the conversation moving
  • Read people’s feelings and reflect them back
  • Find solutions together

Skilled listeners experience fewer conflicts, make better decisions, and discover opportunities that others might miss. No amount of talking beats great listening!

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Clarity First: How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve Outstanding Performance
By Karen Martin


Award-winning business performance improvement and Lean management expert Karen Martin shows today’s leaders how to eliminate ambiguity, and embrace transparency, truth, and tenacity to optimize performance at every level.

How can we achieve our organization’s performance goals more easily? How can we align the organization around a single strategy? How can we, as leaders, provide better context and establish a clear call to action?

The answer is Clarity First
, a practical and powerful approach to operating a business in a way that eliminates the ambiguity and confusion that reduces productivity, harms the customer experience, and gets in the way of an organization’s success.

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One-Percent Edge: Small Changes That Guarantee Relevance and Build Sustainable Success
By Susan Wilson Solovic, Ray Manley (Technical editor)


Solid profits, a strong brand, steady customers—all of these can vanish when market shifts disrupt business as usual.

So how do you keep from losing ground? How do you stay a step ahead of competitors?

The solution is surprisingly straightforward: innovate tweak by tweak. By making incremental adjustments to every aspect of the business—marketing, customer service, finances, products, people—then repeating the process, fixing weaknesses and spotting opportunities becomes a winning habit.

With hundreds of strategies, examples, and a six-step process, The One-Percent Edge explains how to:

  • Put energy into profitable areas and trim dead weight
  • Raise prices by selling value instead of things
  • Access new markets by adapting products or services
  • Hire the right team players
  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors
  • Find your own niche and avoid imitating

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Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World
By Mark Miller, Lucas Conley, Yvon Chouinard (Foreword by)


An essential toolkit for leaders who want their brand to leave a lasting mark on the world

Every organization hopes to be successful, but over time what true leaders want is to create a a durable difference and a lasting mark. Legacy in the Making reveals the five guiding principles that distinguish the “modern legacy mindset”, which include...

  1. Personal: Investing in people—beginning with yourself
  2. Behavioral: Building from the inside out on beliefs and behaviour
  3. Influential: Maximizing your social impact and cultural influence
  4. Unconventional: Breaking rules and reconciling paradoxes
  5. Perpetual: Cultivating enduring significance worth passing forward

Drawing on exclusive, in-depth interviews, Legacy in the Making illustrates how leaders overcome the common traps of short-term thinking and marshal their own long-term ambitions to stand out for generations to come.

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