December 2017

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Title: Governing Cambodia's Forests
By: Andrew Cock
Published On: 13th December 2017

Title: The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data Collection
By: Uwe Flick
Published On: 14th December 2017

Title: Advanced Green Chemistry - Part 1: Greener Organic Reactions And Processes
By: Horvath Istvan T / Malacria Max
Published On: 15th December 2017

Title: Pentecostal Pioneer
By: Dynnice Rosanny D. Engcoy
Published On: 29th November 2017

Title: Story Of Genetics Development And Evolution The: A Historical Dialogue
By: Jekely Gaspar
Published On: 24th November 2017

Title: Ang Natatagong Buhay ni Imelda Marcos
By: Carmen Navarro Pedrosa
Published On: 12th October 2017

Title: Pentecostals and the Poor
By: Ivan Satyavrata
Published On: 23rd June 2017

Title: Muddy Boots & Smart Suits
By: Nicholas Farrelly, Amy King, Michael Wesley, Hugh White
Published On: 17th April 2017

Title: The Population of Malaysia (Second Edition)
By: Saw Swee-Hock
Published On: 13th May 2016

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